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Ghana welcomes the 11th Conference of the World Association of Community Broadcasters

From August 10 to 14, the Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) in Accra, Ghana, is hosting the 11th World Conference of AMARC. Under the theme “Community Radio – Reframing and Reconciling a World of Dualities”, delegates, practitioners and academics from every continent are meeting to discuss the state of community media, share best practices, participate in various activities and discuss the future.

An University Model for Rural Development

Since 1992, Ghana's University for Development Studies is encouraging students to work with farmers and learn from them. The motto 'Knowledge for development' has been taken since as a central value for all researchers and students of the institute.

FAO calls for action to accelerate economic transformation and development in Africa

Mr. Bukar Tijani, ADG-FAO Regional Office for Africa states that the future of Africa lies on youth and stresses the importance of young farmers and agri-entreprenor employment for the rural development of Africa. 


Video in Development

This book seeks to bring together the diverse literature and experiences in video for development in order to improve the understanding and use of this potentially important development tool.

Voices for change Rural women and communication

By fostering a dialogue between rural people and other sectors of society, communication processes can empower both women and men to provide information and knowledge as a basis for change and innovation, take decisions concerning their own livelihood and thereby increase their overall involvement in development.

The First Mile of Connectivity

ICTs are unique tools capable of encouraging sustainable economic and social development in rural and remote areas. Like any tool, they must be used skilfully in order for their potential to be realized.Successful implementation of these systems will require communication and development professionals to exchange past experiences and ideas for future directions

Internet and rural development

The purpose of this paper is to promote expansion of Internet services in support of rural and agricultural development. It presents a vision of an integrated approach that can lead to the growth of vibrant rural and agricultural communication networks across nations, regions and the globe.

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) and rural development

Agriculture and small-scale farmering represent the livelihoods of millions of people. Agricultural information is a key component in improving small-scale agricultural production, rural livelihoods and food security. Nevertheless, farmers and small entrepreneurs do not have full access to price information due to poor communication facilities. The growing mobile phone market in Uganda provides a better environment for its application in various sectors including agriculture. The present case study discusses the role of mobile phones in improving communication in the Kabale district of Western Uganda.

Food Security through Commercialization of Agriculture (FSCA)

Communication enables people to take ownership of their own development by making them aware of the various facets of real development problems in their region and of the challenges that have to be faced.
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