Discussing the impact of malnutrition and climate change in Mchinji, Malawi

Advancing participatory communication

Enabling community dialogue

Promoting gender equality

Raising farmer’s voice

In this segment, host Luciano Milala interviews District coordinator at Mchinji District Hospital, Mr. Cephas Mkandawire. They discuss the impact of malnutrition and climate change on the population of the district. Mr. Mkandawire also adresses possible solutions to help end food shortages in Malawi.   

The interview is conducted by Luciano Milala, Mudzi Wathu Community Radio.

This segment is in English. A script of the interview is available on AMARC's website.

"This segment is part of an audio series highlighting the importance of Communication as a major tool for Development. It has been produced with the support of the World Association of Community Broadcasters and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations."