“Abyei Today”: bridging the gap between Sudan and South Sudan

Advancing participatory communication

Enabling community dialogue

Promoting gender equality

Raising farmer’s voice

Broadcast on Mayardit FM, a community radio located in South Sudan’s Warrap State supported by Internews, Abyei Today is a popular and trusted source of information for the population of this disputed region.

Until now, the radio program was pre-recorded and limited to 25 minutes but since February, the team are broadcasting live on Saturdays. These live broadcasts allow a close engagement with the listeners, which is much appreciated.  

While Abyei Today offers discussions on various topics and important information on, for example, health-related issues, it’s increasingly seen as an important relay for many families who have been torn apart by violence.

As Gian Libot says: “(...) radio is the most popular source of information in this region and its surroundings, the development of live broadcasting presents a huge space of life-saving and life-enhancing information.”

For more information on Abyei Today, read Gian Libot, Humanitarian Liaison Officer for the Information Access in Abyei Administrative Area project, article online.

Photo: © Internews