Forum on Communication and Community Media for Sustainable Rural Development - Accra, 13 August 2015

Advancing participatory communication

Enabling community dialogue

Promoting gender equality

Raising farmer’s voice

From August 10th to 14th 2015, the 11th World Conference of AMARC will take place in Accra. Hosted by the Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN), the conference will address the theme “Community Radio: reframing and reconciling a world of dualities” and will be an opportunity to celebrate community radio, while strengthening its capacity to thrive in Africa.

The Forum on Communication and Community Media for Sustainable Rural Development will be one of the official events on August 13, 2015. 

The event is co-organized by AMARC and FAO as a follow-up to the international Forum on Communication for Development & Community Media for Family Farming (FCCM) held in Rome last October 2014, which showcased the role of communication as a driver for change and family farmers’ participation in rural development. 

This Forum will provide the opportunity to foster dialogue between farmers’ organizations, development programmes and community media on the role and impact of ComDev methods and tools for resilient livelihoods and inclusive rural development, with a special focus on Africa.

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Photo: FAO/A. Proto