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YenKasa Africa is a regional platform designed to promote knowledge sharing and joint initiatives in communication applied to agriculture and rural development. 

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  • Radio host Moussa Guindo describes the impact Baguiné Rural Radio has had on the community in Bandiagara, Mali. Guindo explains that historically residents were cautious towards interacting with people outside of their family resulting in communication barriers. Thanks to rural radio residents have begun to cooperate and share land knowledge and farming practices.
  • Interview with Rural Community Radio Director Fatogoma Sarré. Uyesu Rural Radio's mission is to "raise peoples' awareness, educate, inform, and entertain them" in Koutiala, Mali. Through field visits the station reports on the activities of farmers, breeders and fishermen while promoting local language and culture.
  • Radio Bamakan rural radio project coordinator, Ngolo Koulibaly, discusses the impact of community radio in Bamako, Mali. In order to avoid detection from authorities Radio Bamakan originally operated as an underground radio programme that was broadcasted in short segments from different locations. Today it is an established programme that records in the studio and conducts interviews on the ground. It has become an essential news and agriculture resource for the community reaching a wide network of residents and facilitating communication.
  • Regional VERCON Network is a web-based integrated, multilingual regional information and communication system. It enables access, exchange and disseminates information, knowledge, experience and innovations among agricultural researchers and advisory services, extension agents, small farmers, farmers’ groups, non-governmental organizations, private and public agricultural service suppliers, communication professionals and the media, such as rural radio stations.
  • Food insecurity occurs when people do not have access to food. According to FAO’s statistics, food insecurity mostly takes place in rural areas. Community radio encompasses one of the most widely used medium for disseminating information to rural audiences across Africa. Moreover, radios are able to reach communities who live in areas without phones or electricity, as well as people who cannot read or write. Rural radio can therefore be effectively applied as a tool to tackle food insecurity issues.